Helmets Are Complex. We Can Help.

Bring Your Helmet Ideas or Designs to us and We Can Make Them a Reality

Headspace Design Lab does not sell products. We were launched in a small garage with the specific goal of turning ideas into innovations and products your customers need for their sport or industry. Our experience can turn your product concept into a reality through hands on engineering, validation through testing, development assistance, and sourcing support.  Innovation can be messy and hard to quantify on a company’s bottom line, but Headspace Design Lab exists to handle that chaos to make your teams brand and product vision a reality.

Mission, Vision, & Values

We never asked for this, it just came to us through the normal constant corporate restructuring and a bit of Covid industry hangover thrown in. We love the brands we have worked for and are eternally grateful for the people, athletes, scientists, engineers, product visionaries and more than a few wild humans who contributed to our combined 75 years’ experience.

When the last publicly traded reshuffle happened, we decided to launch a company that could leverage the amazing heritage and brain trust here in Santa Cruz, CA as well as rebuild a not-so-secret industry advantage — a full helmet test laboratory. We can’t say we make safer helmets, but in the words of one of our great mentors, we can advance concussion and traumatic brain injury protection knowledge and …

“…make helmets people want to wear!”

We don’t have plans to build any helmets ourselves. We plan to work with amazing brands and people to help advance helmet technology and help humans break boundaries and protect their heads along the way. You only have one brain, and it is rather fragile, so work with us and our vision to keep innovating and creating better helmets that people want to wear.

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