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Seek to understand and the future will bring new innovations.  We were formed to find ways to make your helmet brand and product vision a reality through hands on engineering, testing ideas in the lab and field, expanding your R&D capabilities, and bringing them to life as innovative products that allow people to go higher, farther and faster in their sport or occupation. See how Headspace Design Lab can help you innovate.

Research & Strategy

Research & Strategy

Understanding the consumer and the competition is essential to informing product design and innovations to make your brand stand out. Our team can help with deeper consumer research, competitive benchmarking, and category trend analysis to make sure your brief brings your idea to reality.

Concepting & Prototyping

Concept Design & Prototyping

Tooling is expensive, innovation is messy, but testing ideas in full 3D is essential to the development process. We offer everything from photo quality renders through working 3D printed models. Each one offers real world insights to ensure your projects stay on time and stakeholders can review prior to tooling to make your final product meet the consumer and brand needs.


At our core we are a Mechanical Engineering company. We work in 2D and 3D CAD as well as advanced programs like Ansys Fluent for aerodynamic and thermodynamic modeling. We can take a napkin sketch to fully tooled product or simply support your in-house team with engineering services for big or small R&D projects.

Development & Sourcing

Development & DFM

From concept through to production-ready product, our experienced product developers drive your project, ensuring all the key objectives, milestones and deadlines are met. While Consumer Insights, Industrial Design, Engineering and Development are far from easy, to build a cutting-edge helmet, the real magic happens when these disciplines sync together like a finely tuned engine. In our constant pursuit to create class-leading helmets, we work with you in tandem every step of the way as we develop and refine the design. This proven system is at the heart of how HSDL can help you innovate, Design for Manufacturing and accelerate your go-to-market timelines.

Helmet Test Laboratory

You can use the best software available and create as many prototypes as you want, but unless you can test real product in the real world, everything remains theoretical. Utilizing our relationships with world-leading test labs, both in the U.S. and abroad, we can develop and execute a test plan to ensure your product meets and exceeds the expectations of your customer. Early in 2024, we will debut our D:Lab, a state-of-the-art CADEX equipped test laboratory that can test to most global helmet standards and drive research and innovation for your unique IP, fully in-house.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Our extensive experience and commitment to long-term relationships has enabled us to establish long-standing partnerships with some of the World’s best manufacturers across Asia, Europe, Central America, and the United States. We are specialists in Sourcing & Manufacturing, offering our expertise to help you find the best partners with an unparalleled range of capabilities and operate as manufacturing liaison through pilot and first production ensuring your product meets its final production specification.

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