75 Years of Innovation in Helmet Technology

Our Team is Ready to Get to Work with Your Product Vision

What sets us apart is that we can both design, engineer, and test in real time to bring your ideas and innovations to market faster. With over 75 years of combined experience in bringing product and helmet innovations to market we can take that basic sketch all the way to the user for your brand. We focus on the design and engineering behind bringing a complete helmet or helmet innovation to market. Our D: LAB Test Facility can test to most worldwide helmet standards for bike, e-bike, motorcycle, snow and safety as well as offer insights into innovations in head protection. We also offer full development, sourcing, materials, thermodynamic and aerodynamic analysis. If your brand stands for head protection, we are the laboratory that can help you navigate and innovate in the complex world of helmet creation.


Simon Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Simon started building helmets in 1992 with the Giro Sport Design brand and has been in the bike, outdoor and motorsports industry ever since. A proven product and innovation leader he brings new ideas and consumer research to bring out the best innovations every project.

Favorite food: Avocado toast with kimchi

Book on bedside table: DUNE (again), Frank Herbert


Loz Broers

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Loz brings over 20+ years of helmet innovation, development, and product leadership. With decades of R&D management experience in both motorcycle and bike helmets he brings a huge range of experience in the creation and go to market process for some of the most innovative helmets on the market today.

Favorite food: Mexican

Book on beside table: Jupiter’s Travels, Ted Simon


Julio Valencia

Chief Technical Officer

Been there and done that best sums up Julio’s 18 years of developing and innovating helmets in the bike, motorcycle, snow and team sports segments. He brings everything from advanced concepts development through direct testing and evaluation of completed helmets and helmet innovations.

Favorite food: His aunt’s famous shrimp ceviche

Book on bedside table: ECE Regulation 22


Gregg Jacobsen

Engineering Lead

The backbone of all helmet innovations and development is mechanical engineering. When it comes to bike innovations that have been found at the Tour de France or your local bike shop Gregg has been that backbone. With over 23 years working for some of the biggest brands in cycling and motorcycle helmets Gregg has the experience and background to create the helmet protection standard of the future.

Favorite food: Lebanese

Book on bedside table: A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold


Scott Whitesell

Engineering Lead

The engineering master of helmets that go fast, very fast. In fact, he got his start building rockets designed for going into space. Scott has over 10 years’ mechanical engineering experience in bringing bike and motorcycle helmets to life and has specialized in motorcycle shields, composite layups and solving complex problems to have helmets meet and exceed global certification standards.

Favorite food: Does beer count?

Book on bedside table: House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski



Chief Snack Officer

Piper has been a permanent fixture next to Simon’s side since the founding of HSDL. At 86% Australian Cattle dog, Piper comes with an amazing capacity to learn new tricks and often makes you think she is listening to your conversation. She specializes in long hikes, playing grab ankle or tug-o-war with other dogs and humans and enjoys a wide variety of snacks — human, cat or dog oriented. She is always ready to meet visitors and happy to point out where the snack jar is located.

Favorite food: Yes

Book on bedside table: I don’t read, yet…

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